Muddy Buddy

Went to Boulder this last weekend to race in something called the Muddy Buddy (watch the video in the info section…you’ll see.) It’s basically a two person 10K where one person rides while the other runs (or in my case runs and walks part of the way, and rides like a demon on the riding parts to make up for it). An added twist is at the transition points for running/riding where there are obstacles (not your Fort Carson type obstacles, but some lightweight climbing walls and balance beam type things) to surmount before continuing on. Oh, yeah, and there was that thigh deep, 100 yard wide river we crossed (with me carrying.) And then…at the end…there was the mud pit. Thick gooey mud with flags over top that only allow for…what?…crawling. Hence the name of the whole thing.

Diane did awesome, she is so fit and so strong and I wish I could run like her. Me? Well, I can ride, but running with these tree trunks attached to my hips is a bit hard. So we finished and that is a good thing. Here’s a little slide show break before you read on.

It was both harder than we expected but also kinda fun. Not sure if we’ll do it again, but we might next year and try to beat our shitty time from this year which was 1:01 (about) and 25th place. “Twenty Fifth!” you say, admiration gleaming in your eyes as you realize there were 900 teams…yeah, well, considering that there were 32 people in our division, you might want to rethink that.

So we completed it, got really, really muddy and had a good time in Boulder just the same. Went to a great place called VGBurger which is a completely “green” store with all electricity used being wind power and all the utensils, cups and paper being compostable materials. Excellent, excellent food too. I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Boulder on 28th Street about two blocks North of Pearl. The boys also got to go ride go-karts and play miniature golf and grandpa took them shopping at McGucken’s hardware which it seems was a highlight.