A Yard Sign Somewhere in the U.S.

(Author’s Note: I am not usually one to weigh in too heavily on politics, but I thought of a recent opinion piece by Curt Dale in the News-Press when I saw this one.)

A photo of a sign in someone’s yard recently started making the rounds on the ‘net:

DEAR OBAMA 08 Sign Taker:

We understand that Obama 08 signs are in very high demand. You still didn’t have to borrow ours. You can actually buy them!

As for the McCain signs you put in our yard: We understand that you wanted to get rid of them. But your trash can is the better place for them (smiley face).

PS: Of course we need to get another sign now. That’s $5 to Obama’s campaign. I am sure that’s what you had in mind

So, I guess it happens with both Obama and McCain signs, eh, Curt? So here’s the lesson. People this year are passionate about politics. GOOD!! No matter who you support (it’s not about sides, hopefully we dispensed with that kind of hatred in 1865), at least you are participating in the process. But stealing signs – and I agree with Curt on this general assertion – is foolish and just playing school yard games.

If you have fun with your neighbors and you both understand that it’s fun. Great! This should be about coming together and talking about the issues, having some fun and talking so you you can make an informed decision. But it is certainly not, or at least shouldn’t be, about trying to get the upper hand through under-handed means. That’s just childish.

Come one. Last I checked we were all humans. Seems to me there are better, more productive things we can do with our mental energy than think about how to “get the other guy”

Flame on…