About Craig

I am the owner of a small, technology consulting firm in Denver, CO.  I am also a freelance writer, author and sometimes copywriter when there is a call for such things.  This work requires other outlets in order to maintain my personal sanity and therefore necessitates writing essays about human experience and life every so often.  Spending a lot of time outdoors and working on our late-1920s-era family estate also helps keep the mushy brain and muffin top wielding demons at bay.

Two teenagers and a brilliant and beautiful wife round out what has proven to be a pretty successful and fulfilling life.  I hope you enjoy whatever it is that strikes your fancy here.

Why is my voice accidental?  Well, at one point a few years ago I just had to write something.   I felt it in my bones and so I started writing again almost by accident.  There you have it.  A voice in the ether…by accident.  Not a loud voice.  Just a voice…and it might be that no one is listening.  but that’s all right.