I Have A Suggestion to Make

With the election coming up, there is a lot that’s going on and a lot of people getting all frothed up wanting you to vote their way. But by now I think most have made up their mind. Ballots are now arriving in the post and if you’ve made up your mind and perhaps already mailed your ballot, great. However, if you have yet to vote and are going to vote for someone because

– they went to a high priced college
– they graduated at the bottom of their class
– a woman is on the ticket
– a woman is not on the ticket
– he is of African American descent
– he is of Caucasian descent
– he is old
– he is young
– his VP candidate is attractive
– his VP candidate had hair plugs
– his VP candidate comes from a working class neighborhood
– he is very rich
– he’s more articulate than the other guy
– he has a net worth that is a little closer to yours
– you think “he seems really nice”
– your uncle’s secretary’s brother told you he might be involved with a group you find offensive
– you heard on TV that the other candidate is a bad, bad man
– you believe the commercials
– he’s not the other guy
– he looks like someone you knew in high school
– he’s really funny
– he’s really tall
– he’s short like you
– that’s the way you always have voted
– your husband/boyfriend said you should vote for him
– your wife/girlfriend said you should vote for him
– to get back at someone
– to cancel your vote out from a past election
– voting for one over the other makes you think you’re more of a patriot…just because
– just because (and you can’t explain why)
– you have some reason that has absolutely nothing to do with this person’s credentials, plan and vision for running the most powerful country in the world

then, please, stay home. By casting your vote on such vapid premises, you do a disservice to the process, the country and those people who have come before you to give you that right and keep it in your hands. Using your right to vote in frivolous, disrespectful and silly ways just demeans us all.